The Biggest Robotics Festival on the Planet

What is Robotex?

Robotex is the planet’s biggest robotics festival, which is organised in cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology and University of Tartu. This year, Robotex International 2018 is expecting more than 35 000 spectators. During the event there are various exciting activities for kids, students, robotics enthusiasts and even grandparents.


Competition tasks are equivalent to the international standards, which gives an opportunity to compete with same robots elsewhere in the world.


40 thematic workshops, where both children and adults can participate. Lets learn together to program, build robots and many other exciting skills.


Topics for this year’s conference are robotics and future trends in technology. All competitors and robotics enthusiasts are welcome. Working language is English.

Technology exhibition

Come and experience some of the newest technologies by over 40 companies from various fields of robotics and check out some interesting software solutions.