Why join us?

Robotex has become a global robotics education network operational in 11 countries across 5 continents and we are looking for media partners that want to cover all the news first, as well as get access to the festivals for free.

  • We are hosting global robotics festivals with advanced level robotics competitions that are spectacular to look, while also bringing together hundreds of frontier tech companies showcasing their latest tech.


  • We are running innovation programs looking to help generate 50’000 new robotics companies within the next 5 years and you can have access to their stories.


  • We are helping to set up robotics ecosystems in countries such as Afghanistan, Anguilla and Mali that have thousands of people eager to get the skills for generating innovation and you can help us help them.

(Robotex China, 2017)

Simply contact us and let’s figure out the best way for us to co-operate!

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