Robotex 2017 takes place on 24 - 26 November

During this three-day event international robot competitions in known categories will take place.

Additionally, there is much to see at the technology exhibition and the best works of the creative contests will also be exhibited. Furthermore, there will be various awarding ceremonies will take place and everyone interested in robotics will have a chance to participate in workshops targeted at different age groups.

Challenges are available for all, despite their level of technical skills or age. Many competitive tasks have been prepared on the basis of international standards, which provides an opportunity to compete with the same robots in other parts of the world later on.

See the last year’s info and competition rules



Sumo robot has to push its opponent out of the ring while following all the rules of competitions. Competitions are for all age groups.

Six different Sumo competitions will be organised

  • LEGO Sumo
  • Mini Sumo
  • Nano Sumo
  • 3 kg Sumo
  • 3 kg Lego Sumo
  • iRobot Sumo
  • Mikro Sumo

Maze Solving

In this competition, the mission of the autonomous Micromouse (robot) is to negotiate a maze from specified corner to its centre in the shortest possible time.

Line Following

Line following is one the most popular robotic competitions in the worlds and it is carried out at Robotex for the sixth time. The task for line following robots is to drive through the track marked with a black line as fast as possible. Two robots are competing alongside with each other on parallel mirrored tracks.

Line Following is held in three different categories

  • Line Following
  • LEGO Line Following
  • Line Following Enhanced

Line Following

Line Following Enhanced


The aim of the competition is to simulate the immersive nature of the rallycross. Up to five robots are allowed to access the track at the same time.

Water Rally

The aim of the competition is to imitate a enthralling character similar to boar rally. Water rally is similar to Folkrace but robots are in hostile enviroment.

CDP Grand Challenge

Competition is made by CDP Industries in cooperation with Robotex team. The goeal is to demolish all green houses without red houses loosing their height. It is one of the most compicated competitions in Robotex and it is completed by the best of all.

City Passing

The task is to construct a robot that is able to drive through the city and park itself in a specific parking space. The robot must remain within the limits of the road and observe the traffic light and road signs in the city.



In this year takes place first time in Robotex robots basketball competition.

Drone Race

Competition will be held first time at Robotex. Unmaned aerial robots have to pass obstacles and be faster than its opponents.

Droonide takistussõit


Winner will be the best VEX robot in the competitions.

ProgeTiger Educational Robot Competition

Educational Robot Competiton means demonstrating of static and moving robotic models. Model can include different components, but has to be programmed and move on self-designed competition area.


In LEGO WeDo exhibition model competition takes place a demonstration of static and moving models. Model may contain different robotic components, but must be programmed and contain moving part or move on limited selfdesigned  battle matt.

University of Tartu Mind Control

The goal of the competition is to solve a problem with controlling robot’s movement with mind.