Why support Robotex?

  • Talents and potential workforce – over 2000 engineers and robotics enthusiasts take part in Robotex!
  • Selling and marketing products/services – Robotex will be visited by approximately 16 000 technology enthusiasts!
  • Brand – the media campaign for Robotex is worth over €100 000!
  • Marketing – there are ~2,5 million contacts in the Robotex communication plan!
  • Contacts – find useful contacts in business or in education!
  • Networking Event – business seminar for all Robotex sponsors!
  • Product presentations on the main stage!
  • Possibility to organize branded workshops or competitions!

Goals of Robotex

  • To increase interest in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) fields among the youth.
  • To increase the international skill level in robotics and AI across all ages.
  • To support innovative and competitive, science-based development of robotics internationally.
  • To educate entrepreneurs and managers about possibilities in the world of robotics and ease the fear of robots in the public.
  • To support the synergistic cooperation between talented future engineers, universities and technology companies.


To bring together the largest amount of robotics and AI talent at one event by 2025.

Which fields are we expecting supporters from?

  • Industry
  • Production and mechanics
  • Smart home and smart city
  • Startups
  • Education
  • Educational robotics
  • Software and infotechnology
  • Electronics and robotics

Robotex brings you in contact with:

  • University students and graduates
  • Students from elementary to high schools
  • Engineers
  • Tech evangelists
  • Research facilities
  • Tech startups
  • Incubators and investors
  • International companies and delegations

Take part in the Technology Exhibition

Come and be a part of The Technology Exhibition of Europe’s biggest robotics fair. Division of the exhibition in sections: Industry, production and mechanics; Smart home and city; Startup; Universities and educational institutions; Educational robotics; Software and information technology; Electronics and robotics.

Why participate?

There will be 15 000 international guests, amongst whom you can find the business partner you have been looking for or your new potential customer. There will be 15 000 international guests, amongst whom you can find the business partner you have been looking for or your new potential customer. Here will the best of the workpool in the field gather- over 2000 young innovators and engineers

  • The best marketing network- 100 innovative companies and development centers
  • Investment possibilities into Estonian Startups
  • The best scientific accomplishments of Estonian Universities
  • Wide range International media coverage

What will be taking place?

  • Business networking event
  • Keynote speeches
  • Technology conference
  • Thematic workshops

Booth includes:

  • 4 m2 area
  • LCD screen
  • WiFi
  • Lighting and electricity
  • Wall elements
  • 2 tables and chairs
  • An invitation to business networking area
  • Access to technology conference

Cost of a standard stand is 500 € + VAT

Special offers to sponsors!

Contact us!

Marti Arak

Marti Arak
Robotex 2017 Project Manager
+372 58 19 22 13