The Event is organized by NGO Robotex and is held on November 24-26, at the Estonian Fair Centre, Pirita tee 28, Tallinn.


The following house rules are set by the Organizer and are to be followed by all visitors on the Event grounds.


  1. Access to the Event is guaranteed by the following:
    • for competitors – on-time registration through the website
    • for visitors – free ticket acquired by pre-registering through the Event page on Eventbrite, or a paid ticket purchased on-site (according to the fees set by the Organizer)
    • for cooperation partners  – list of previously approved participants
  2. All Event visitors and participants will be issued a wristband, which guarantees access to the event during all three days.
  3. Smoking and alcohol consumption on Fair Centre grounds is only allowed in clearly designated areas and only for adults.
  4. Damaging or destroying property of the Organizer or the Fair Centre is forbidden. The Event has video surveillance and on-site security.
  5. The Organizer is not responsible for the personal belongings of visitors or competitors.
  6. No flash-photography is allowed during competitions.
  7. Littering on the Fair Centre grounds is forbidden, all trash must be placed in trash cans.
  8. If a visitor or competitor is in clear violation of the house rules then the Organizer and the security workers have the right to remove them from the Event grounds.
  9. The Organizer is allowed to set additional requirements and rules depending on the role of the participant (competitors, technology expo participants, etc) by communicating them by email directly to the parties involved.