Robotex 2017 general manual for competitors and coaches
(excluding Insplay Robo League and LEGO WeDo competitions)


  1. Reading and following this manual is mandatory for all competitors and coaches!
  2. Opening hours of the event for the audience:
    • November 24, 09:00-18:00;
    • November 25, 09:00-19:00;
    • November 26,  09:00-18:00.
  3. The organizer of Robotex 2017 is Robotex MTÜ.
  4. The timetable of Robotex 2017 is available at
  5. All robots and teams must be registered every day before the start of the technical inspection. Registration starts at 07:00am every day. In order to guarantee the registration, we strongly recommend to register a day before the competition, if possible.
  6. Entrance to the Fair Centre (Eesti Näituste Messikeskus):
    • Entering and visiting the Fair Centre outside the public opening hours is only allowed with official Robotex lanyards and wristbands. Entrance is regulated by manned guards.
    • Competitors have a separate competitors area. Competitors area is open every day during the event from 07:00am to 20:00pm.
  7. Registration
    • Registration table is located right in front of the main entrance. All competitors must go through registration before moving on to the competitors area.
    • Competitors will not get wristbands/lanyards at the registration table. These are handed out at the competitors info desk.
    • Registration table is open:
      • Thursday (23.11) 19:00-23:00
      • Friday (24.11) 07:00 – 21:00
      • Saturday (25.11) 07:00 – 21:00
      • Sunday (26.11) 07:00 – 14:00
    • Registration of the teams starts 23.11.2017 at 19:00pm.
    • All teams must be registered before the competitions’ technical inspection. In order to guarantee the timely registration of the team, we recommend to register your team the day before the competition, if possible.
    • Teams, that are not registered, will not be able to compete!
    • Robotex team is not responsible if teams do not complete their registration on time and therefore are not allowed to compete in the competitions.
  8. Competitors info desk
    • Competitors information table is located in the competitors area and all teams must go there after registration.
    • Lanyards, RobitCoins and shirts are handed out from the competitors info desk every day 08:00am – 18:00pm. Outside of this time and on November 23 from 19:00pm to 23:00pm handing out shirts, lanyards and RobitCoins is coordinated from the registration table.
    • The competitors info desk provides information on competitions and organizational information about the overall event.
    • Shirts and RobitCoins are only given to teams that registered before  November 1.
    • Shirts, lanyards, wristbands and RobitCoins are handed out only to team captains or coaches.
    • There is also one info desk at the entrance of the technology exhibition area. General info desk gives out organizational and competition information and also sells fan merchandise (it is possible to pay with card and in cash).
  9. Lanyard
    • Competitors get lanyards from the competitors info desk, which is in the competitors area.
    • Lanyard gives the right to stay at the Fair Cenre outside the event opening hours (23:00pm – 07:00am).
    • It is forbidden to stay in the competitors or competition areas without a lanyard (excluding coaches).
    • Outside the opening hours it is not allowed to stay at the technology exhibition, workshop or conference areas.
    • It is strictly forbidden to give your lanyard to other people.
    • Lost lanyards will not be replaced.
  10. Parking
    • There is free parking in the Fair Centre parking lot. It is also possible to park along  Pirita road.
  11. Internet connection
    • There is a free wi-fi network named Robotex. There is also a password protected wi-fi network for competitors (password is vo1stleja.RBTX).
  12. Catering
    • There is a special area for catering.
    • Competitors and coaches can use RobitCoins to purchase food.
    • RobitCoins are handed out at the info desk, which is located at the competitors are.
    • One RobitCoin is worth 2€ and it can be exchanged for a light meal at the competitors area, or it can be used in the catering area. There are many foodtrucks at Robotex and the Fair Centre cafeteria is also open.
    • It is also possible to order food with food-delivery app Wolt. First time Wolt users will receive 7€ credit with the code “ROBOTEX”. Food ordered through Wolt will be delivered to a special Wolt-area.
  13. Robots’ number
    • Regarding the day and competition every robot is given a number.
    • Robot numbers are given a robot has passed the technical inspection..
    • Five robot numbers are given out. One must be on the robot and other four on the sleeves of two of the main competitors. It is also necessary to write your robot number on your lanyard.
    • Correct displaying of numbers is important so that competition administrators can find all teams and competitors in time.
    • NB! Teams, which are not found on time, will automatically get a loss.
  14. Competing
    • The organizers of Robotex give their best to notify all teams about their competing times.
    • The organizers of Robotex ask for a sensible attitude because there are a lot of competitors and it is not always possible to find competitors from the crowd.
    • That is why all competitors must be in the right place at the right time!
    • Competitors are given 2 minutes to arrive at the competition area.
    • Competitors who are not close to the competition areas and are not found will recieve a loss.
    • Competitors are constantly notified about the competitions through screens and speakers. Furthermore, all competitors can see results, competition times and subgroups through the competition system –
  15. Workplace in the competitors area
    • There can be maximum 5 robots per table. Table dimensions are 2,2 x 0,7m.
    • Workspaces in competitors area are limited. That is why we ask for reasonable understanding and friendly workspace sharing.
    • Workplaces can be chosen freely.
    • It is recommended for people from the same school to stay near each other.
    • Every competitor is responsible for making sure that they only remove their own belongings from the workspace. Organizers’ extension cords and other equipment should be left at the workplace. NB! Robotex has video and manned surveillance.
    • It is advisable for competitors to bring their own extension cords (minimum of 3m in length).
    • Maximum power that can be used per workplace is 125 W.
    • Everyone must clean their workplace after the competitions. NB! All trash must be thrown away or taken with yourself.
    • Training fields/tracks are at the competitors area.
  16. Technical inspection
    • Technical inspection times are available in the Robotex timetable.
    • The techincal inspection will determine if the robot meets the requirements stated in the rules and can take part in the competition.
    • Robots, which have passed the technical inspection, will be put in random competing order.
    • After technical inspection, robots might be directed to a photoshoot. NB! When registered, everyone agreed that Robotex can use all video and photo material in a lawful manner.
    • Techincal inspection is carried out in competition areas.
  17. Accommodation
  18. Internal rules
    • All competitors must have an extra pair of shoes for inside use only.
    • Smoking (including e-cigarettes), drinking alcohol and using narcotics is strictly forbidden near and inside the Fair Centre.
    • Destroyed equipment, which belongs to the organizers or to the Fair Centre, must be compensated. NB! Robotex has video and manned surveillance.
    • Organizers and the Fair Centre are not responsible for any lost personal belongings.
    • It is not allowed to take pictures with flash during the competitions.
    • It is not allowed to throw trash on the ground. All trash must be thrown into the trash bin.
    • Organizers can remove all competitors from the competitions if they violate internal rules!

We ask for patience from all competitors and to complete the registration and techincal inspection as soon as possible!

If you have any questions regarding the competition you can contact our competition coordinators:

For information about Insplay competitions you can contact Kadri Naanu (ph. +372 566 15 184, For administrative information please contact Birgit Aljaste (tel. +372 537 38 733,

Insplay Robo League and LEGO WeDo manual


The competitions will take place on Saturday, November 25th 9:30-19:00 in Estonian Fair Centre (Pirita tee 28). All of the teams have a pre-scheduled competition group and pre-assigned table at the competition. The info will be sent to the teacher’s e-mail.

Insplay Robo League and Insplay LEGO WeDo competitions will take place simultaneously at two competition areas in the C-hall of the fair centre. (Look at the room plan enclosed). Robo League will take place in the 1st and LEGO WeDo in the 3rd competition area (with a few exceptions).

In each group the teams have 30 minutes for assembling and setting up, 1 hour for judging, and 30 minutes for disassembling. The disassembling will be preceded by a 30-minute award ceremony in each group.

The teams will be evaluated by two members of the jury who will give the kids positive and constructive feedback. Feel free to discuss with your kids that this competition does not have one clear winner and everyone taking part has done some exceptional work. All of the kids will receive a little keepsake, a T-shirt and a diploma after the competition of their group. There will be a few additional prizes.

Further information

  1. The entrance to the competition will be from the main entrance of the Fair Centre. You can leave the kid’s clothes in the wardrobe near the entrance.
  2. Registration will be held at the registration table in the lobby of the Fair Centre. Each team needs to be accompanied by an adult.
  3. Upon arrival the teams will be greeted by Insplay volunteers in pink T-shirts. The aim of the Insplay volunteer is to make the Robotex experience for the kids and teachers as smooth as possible. Each Insplay volunteer will be responsible for the well-being of three teams. And you can ask them for help with anything.
  4. The competitors will receive a light meal upon arrival. You can also purchase food and snacks from food-trucks and the cafe at the Fair Centre.
  5. Insplay Robo League and Insplay LEGO WeDo competitions will not announce a 1st, 2nd and a 3rd place winner. All of the kids will receive a little keepsake, a T-shirt and a diploma after the competition of their group. There will be a few additional prizes.
  6. The kids will have no additional responsibilities after their competition time.
  7. Each team will be evaluated by 2 judges that will hear the kids’ presentation and ask 2-3 encouraging questions.
  8. Parents can watch the competition from the tribunes next to the competition area.
  9. In each competition group the teams have 30 minutes for assembling and setting up, 1 hour for judging, and 30 minutes for disassembling. The disassembling will be preceded by a 30-minute award ceremony in each group.
  10. Look at the floor plan with kids to see how to move in the Fair Centre.
  11. Discuss with kids that participating in Robotex is a great achievement for everyone. The teams that were awarded special prices were not better than the rest as all of the works were very good.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask: