Every year more than one million new companies are formed. However, less than 1% of them are doing anything in the frontier tech field, including HealthTech, MilitaryTech, SpaceTech and others. We plan to change this by running an initiative to generate 50000 new robotics companies via the Robovation programs.

Robovation mainly consists of two programs: Entrepreneurial Challenge & Innovation Challenge.

Entrepreneurial Challenge is an early-stage frontier tech startup competition held in expo + pitching format at Robotex Festivals all around the world. In essence, we welcome teams with prototypes and/or existing products giving them a chance to present their solutions to thousands of visitors and get feedback from specific mentors. And obviously there is a chance to win all sorts of awards, including cash and investments!

Innovation Challenges are another type of competitions where corporations and governmental organisations can pose problems that teams have to build solutions for. In essence, we are liberating the R&D market, as the problem owners can have teams around the world build multiple solutions at the same time. And only the best will have the chance to win cash prizes, investments and/or get an opportunity for cooperation with the organisations posing the problems

Entrepreneurial Challenge

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Starship Animal Rescue

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Taxify’s Self-Driving Fleet Optimization Challenge

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