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Ülemiste City Kratt

This year, The Ülemiste City Kratt Competition has received new content
in Robotex's advanced category

What is The Ülemiste City Kratt Competition?

The first Ülemiste City Kratt competition that took place last
year has not obtained an ideal solution. Therefore we continue
searching for a new exciting solution, giving the other talented
teams with robotics and AI background the opportunity to
create a new “Kratt” or artificial intelligence, which will start
helping the Ülemiste City tenants and visitors and later would
get a physical shape.

Is This Competition For You?

Experienced teams from IT companies and universities as well
as robotics enthusiasts are welcome to join the Ülemiste City
Kratt competition. The main evaluation factors are teamwork
efficiency and the ability to combine software and hardware into
a single solution. The teams with experience in AI/machine
learning and/or robotics are awaited to participate in the
competition. Thus, the Robotex team tries to bring together
people with different backgrounds to create a joint team.

What is The Prize?

The main prize of the competition is the opportunity to run the
pilot solution for 6 months at Ülemiste City Öpiku House. If the
pilot proves its success, the team will be entitled to offer the
Robokratt service according to the agreed pricing.


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